Everything You Need to Kickstart Your
Hotel's Advertising Strategy

Primal Digital helps boutique hotels upgrade their sales
& marketing stack for real-time personalized guest experiences.

Hotel Digital Marketing

When it comes to marketing, no two properties are the same. Different customer segments, competitive landscapes, and levels of brand recognition all factor into putting together a well thought out strategy.

Having a partner dedicated to understanding exactly where you are and where you are going is critical in moving in the right direction. Paid search, SEO, email, social media, content, and video are all the channels we use to bring your story to the world.

Cloud Integrations

As we move forward into the age of digital, the technology and the tools hotels have at their disposable are going to separate the those who define the market from those who will continue to struggle.

Integrating your property with the cloud allows you to start dismantling the data silos which have held our industry back for far too long. It also helps transition fixed costs into variable costs enabling you to scale to precisely the right capacity saving you thousands.

Big Data Solutions

Every time a customer engages with your brand they are telling a story. Listening to enough of these stories allows you to start seeing the patterns underlying their buying behavior. Layer third-party market data and you can begin seeing market-wide trends.

Leveraging big data into your strategy allows you to gauge customer lifetime value, customer profitability, as well as identifying upsetting and cross-selling opportunities to maximize potential revenue for your brand.

Competitive Intelligence

What would it be like to always know what your competitors are up to? Their targeting, their focus areas, their pricing? Would that help you position yourself always one step ahead? Imagine being able to accurately predict their next move leaving nothing up to chance.

With Primal Digital’s proprietary Hotel Intelligence Dashboard, that is exactly what we do. We leverage streaming data in real-time from over your digital ecosystem to help you always stay one step ahead.