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How Do We Determine Price?


We look at three metrics when calculating a customer's price. The first is the scope of the project which outlines all the work we will be doing. Next, we look at the overall length of engagement between the customer and us. Then, we discuss and decide on the key performance indicators we will be using to gauge the overall project's success.

By breaking the price down this way, we ensure we are strategically aligned with the goals and visions of our customers.
Scope of Project

Every hotel is in a different situation so why should pricing be static across the board? We design out strategies & technologies to be dynamic & adjust to your specific needs. This way every hotel gets their custom tailored solutions unique to fit their market.

Length of Engagement

The longer the length of engagement the more we can both plan strategically for our futures. The longer we continue to work towards that future the more we want to reward you for supporting us through lower monthly payments and commissions.

Key Performance Indicators

We understand risk makes decision making difficult, which is why we want to make this as risk adverse as possible. Value-based pricing ties inputs (costs) directly to outputs (results). If we don't produce results, we wouldn't expect you to pay fully.

Scope of Project

$ 7,500

Email Marketing Graphic Design Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Optimization Data Analyst Monthly Reporting

$ 10,000

-- SILVER PLUS -- Content Marketing Conversion Rate Optimization Social Media Marketing BI Dashboard

$ 12,500

-- GOLD PLUS -- Affiliate Marketing Public Relations Website Support Data Scientist

Length of Engagement



Short engagements that all you the flexibility to change at any point in time.


Longer commitments that allow you to keep more every month.


For those of you in it for the long haul. You shall be rewarded.

Key Performance Indicators

1-Month | 6.5%
12-Months | 5.0%
24-Months | 3.5%
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